Here you will find global and local news related to smoking cessation.

Prescription of E-Cigarette in Australia

Prescription of E-Cigarette in Australia was approved to be a legal practice in 2021. To get a nicotine prescription, one should contact a specialist doctor

Buying of Liquid Nicotine in Australia

According to the laws of Australia, it is prohibited to buy, use, or possess nicotine liquid without a legal prescription that is issued by an

Legal age to buy cigarettes in Australia

            It is against the laws of Australia to sell or offer cigarettes to anyone who is below the age of eighteen years, legal

Smoking cessation in Australia

            Most of the smokers in Australia have regrets on why they started smoking and have tried some attempts to quit the habit. Moreover,

Buying E-Cigarettes in Australia

Purchasing of e-cigarettes which has nicotine is against the law for individual use from any Australian distributor. Nevertheless, if the e-cigarette is used for medical

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