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Smoking cessation in Australia

            Most of the smokers in Australia have regrets on why they started smoking and have tried some attempts to quit the habit. Moreover, Smoking cessation in Australia may take a long time where most former smokers have gone through several attempts and relapses before complete abstinence from smoking. Besides, the majority of former smokers quit smoking without going through pharmacological aids or any support while the clinical studies show that a combination of drug treatment and behavioral support is the most effective way to go. Various research bodies have indicated that quitting smoking leads to immediate and long-term medical benefits for both men and women of all ages where it reduces the risks of the disease that are caused by smoking thus improving the general health of the Australian.

Smoking leads to chronic and acute body changes and progression towards various diseases. Smoking cessation plays a major role n the health improvement of smokers where it results in the reversal of various acute body changes and slows the progression of diseases. Moreover, it minimizes the risks associated with premature deaths and can add more years to life expectancy. Many harmful consequences of smoking decline and are arrested as soon as an individual quits from smoking. The extent of the results caused by smoking is mainly relative to how much a person has been smoking and the period smoked. Some effects like lung inflammation have a reversal process not well understood after smoking cessation due to its complexity while others are less reversible compared to other conditions.

Smoking cessation declines carbon monoxide and nicotine levels in the user’s body where nicotine reduces within a few hours and the level of carbon monoxide in the body decrease drastically after about twenty-four hours. Besides, the practice has various benefits, short, medium, and long-term ones, in particular medical outcomes. The reversal of heart diseases is much more possible where it reduces cardiovascular diseases and deaths risks. Moreover, smoking cessation minimizes the markers levels of hypercoagulability and inflammation and rapidly helps in improving the levels of high-density lipoproteins cholesterol. In addition, it minimizes the cardiovascular mortality or mobility risks as well as the burdens brought by cardiovascular diseases.

The researchers have shown that smoking is a significant cause of bad pregnancy outcomes among smoking women. Therefore, smoking cessation during or before pregnancy brings benefits to both the pregnant woman and the fetus. Hence, encouraging a woman to participate in smoking cessation in the early periods of pregnancy or even before is significant as it is a critical period of the woman. Furthermore, smoking cessation minimizes the risk for the occurrence of small-for-gestation-age birth reduces the chances of pregnancy complications such as membrane preterm premature rupture as well as preterm delivery and reduces the chances of infant deaths.

Smoking cessation should therefore be encouraged in Australia as it has proved to come up with great health benefits to those who adopt the practice. Furthermore, various healthcare stakeholders, including the government, should support the efforts put to popularize smoking cessation among Australian smokers. Moreover, smoking cessation should be promoted in the country for not only its health impact but also for its financial and reputational advantages. Contact us if you need any help for smoking cessation.




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