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Buying of Liquid Nicotine in Australia

According to the laws of Australia, it is prohibited to buy, use, or possess nicotine liquid without a legal prescription that is issued by an Australian medical practitioner who is registered.But,

Can you buy nicotine liquid in Australia?  Yes.

In the country, there is a system called Poison Standard that lists medicines and poisons where it classifies them known as Schedules that determine how they should be regulated. Besides, they classify the liquid nicotine alongside strychnine and arsenic as Schedule seven that represents dangerous poisons. However, they exempt the nicotine in tobacco as well as replacement products on medicinal nicotine.

The importation, use, as well as possession of liquid nicotine for therapeutical use is legal. However, the user should have the prescription from a relevant authority like registered medical doctors. The therapeutical use of liquid nicotine includes the use for reducing or quitting smoking or relapse prevention. For this purpose, it may be classified as a product of schedule four which is only allowed for possession and use for personal use. It is therefore legal for a registered Australian practitioner to issue a prescription to an individual.

Any person in Australia may legally import liquid nicotine from overseas which would help in the reduction or quitting the smoking habit as per the Therapeutic Goods Administration Personal Importation Scheme. Under this segment, an individual can buy nicotine liquid a three months supply from outside the country per time for personal use, up to fifteen months supply in total within one year. Furthermore, this is where one is required to present the authorized prescription. To complete the buying process, one should email a prescription copy to the liquid nicotine vendor which is to be returned with the order. Then the script should be kept or have a copy on the phone to produce it in case it is required. However, Therapeutic Goods Administration warns the citizen of the risks that may arise when importing liquid nicotine as they cannot guarantee the quality of the product.

The Australian government placed penalties for those who buy nicotine liquid abroad without a valid prescription from the first of October 2021. It is therefore illegal for any person to source liquid nicotine in Australia without a prescription. Moreover, buying of illegal liquid nicotine, especially under the counter, is strongly prohibited and discouraged in the country. Under state law, it is an offense to do it. In addition, liquid nicotine is not sold in the country without the Ministry of Health first approving the process. Therefore, there is yet to have retailers who are granted the approval to retail the liquid nicotine to the citizens.

Buying and selling vaporizers without the liquid nicotine is, however, legal in Australia. But one should not make any therapeutical claim from the products like; the product will help in reducing or quitting smoking. Moreover, the vending machines are restricted to areas where there are no underaged children like clubs and casinos. One should not buy nicotine liquid from tents, market stalls, booths, or temporary structures. After buying the product, one should observe that smoking is done in smoking-free areas. Contact us for more information or if you have any question about buying Liquid Nicotine in Australia


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