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How To Get a Prescription Online?

Here is a complete guide to getting an online prescription for nicotine products.

How To Get a Prescription Online: Quitting smoking is no easy feat and one has to go to lengths to achieve it. One has to have nerves of steel, total commitment, and unmatched resilience to get rid of smoking. The prevalence of smoking in the year 2020-2021 among Australians aged above 18+ was 10.7% which is quite worrisome. Smoking leads to damage in every part of your body and in general the smokers on health risk pretty much all the time. Smokers who really want to quit smoking should first try Nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, sprays, lozenges, and gums. But if the alternative methods do not work out and neither does going cold turkey, then go for online prescriptions for Nicotine liquids, and support.

All these things are possible if Online prescriptions services are availed for example the one on nocigs.com.au. Here is a complete guide to how to get a prescription online but before that, we need to know laws binding us to get prescription services.

Nicotine Products Come Under Prescription Medicines In Australia

It is said that there are around 500,000 smokers in Australia hence knowing the laws regarding nicotine products becomes extremely important. Now if you are a nicotine enthusiast or E-cigarettes, you should know that starting 1st October, all nicotine products like E-liquids, E-cigarettes, and pods have been restricted by the Government of Australia to be available only by a valid prescription.The regulatory changes are there to create a balance in consuming nicotine products.

  1. It is pertinent that the consumers by law, should meet the requirement of having a valid prescription at the time of importing nicotine and other related products.
  2. This rule, however, doesn’t apply to the South of Australia.
  3. Nicotine replacement therapies like chews, gums, lozenges, and sprays are still available sans any prescription.
  4. Possession of nicotine products is already illegal in some parts of Australia.

Bear in mind, Severe penalties can be levied and confiscation of illegally possessed nicotine products and fines over $200k in some states of Australia and prison time in others if.

Here Is Why A Prescription Is Must Needed To Access Nicotine Products:

 It is said that currently there are around 500,000 lac enthusiasts in Australia. Which is a big deal we must agree. There are practically two reasons behind possessing a prescription

  • In the majority of the countries like the UK, USA, and Europe, nicotine products are still considered consumer goods while in Australia, the laws have been tightened to regulate and treat as a medicine. That is why it is illegal to buy, keep and use nicotine products without a valid prescription from authorized doctors.
  • Secondly, according to data, 54% of people are “dual smokers”. This means they are into both combustible smoking as well as nicotine which is all the more a health hazard. While 16% of consumers of products never inhaled tobacco in the first place. The regulatory changes are there to create a balance in consuming nicotine products.

A Valid Prescription By Online Prescription Services Is Your Best Bet:

Since the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) demands a prescription for the consumption of nicotine products, it’s important that we have valid sources to get handy prescriptions. Now you are on the verge of quitting smoking than before anything, do contact your general physician for the prescription as he is the accurate first point of contact. Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA) has a list of doctors that give face-to-face consultations and write prescriptions if needed. Now if you are facing difficulty in reaching out to your GP or he is unable to write a prescription for whatsoever reason, or if you would like the convenience and discretion of an online facility, do contact online prescription services like the one at nocigs.com.au for a valid and authorized prescription.

Pre-Requisites To Get Valid Prescriptions:

By law, it is absolutely important if you want to use nicotine products. Now here is a list of dos’ before considering quitting smoking. But there are certain pre-requisites to get a hold on prescriptions. Those are

  1. A general physician visit should be done to pursue vaping as means to quit smoking.
  2. Currently are a smoker or ex-smoker.
  3. You are an adult aged 18 and above.
  4. You have planned to quit smoking, have used alternative methods or nicotine placement therapies (gums, chews, patches, inhalers, lozenges, etc.), and have failed, or want to go cold turkey.

While very few medical practitioners in Australia are giving face-to-face valid prescriptions of nicotine products. But here is the good part. Some of the best online pharmacies and nicotine products prescription service providers are working round the clock in helping people put an end to smoking and following them in their journey with regular check-ups. One of the best online prescription service providers with one of the best doctors is nocigs.com.au

How Can I Get Online Prescription From No Cigs?

nocigs.com.au is Australia’s leading and one of the most trusted online nicotine prescription service providers. A 24/7 online consultation service that is just for $49 and repeated scripts literally for free whereby the scripts will be supplied to your preferred supplier and participating pharmacy. The cost includes telehealth, referral, and medical history, consultation with a nurse practitioner, GP prescription, and access to a quitting app. Working 24 hours round the clock and 7 days of the week, Nocigs provides scripts for melatonin and medicinal cannabis along with nicotine. There is a step to step process to get hold of your valid prescription. Before consulting Vaping Scripts, do consult your general physician for a complete checkup.

Step 1: The medical nurses at Nocigs request their patients to provide complete medical history and previously quitting attempts.

Step 2:  After complete satisfaction, Nocigs gets you connected to a health professional in no time.

Step 3: Receive your valid online prescription receipt from a health practitioner and shop at a preferred supplier of TGO-110 compliant nicotine products.

Step 4: If the script is appropriate, they will send it over to your general physician as well as your preferred supplier.

Step 5: The doctors at Nocigs will offer a quitting app to keep you on track. App once downloaded will help you achieve missions, earn rewards and more control in your smoking cessation journey.

Note that getting a valid prescription from Nocigs is only available to patients currently residing within Australia.


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